WOW….Weekend Update


WOW….Weekend Update

WE ARE 21ST out of 393 gyms nation wide!!!!NICE WORK GUYS…and we have another $500 to donate, we are for sure in the top 20! Not bad for a little gym in Northglenn Colorado 🙂 Right now we have raised $3842 which will make us 19th. You can still register through tomorrow and donate, I REALLLLLLLLY want to see us hit 4K. If you were not able to make it yesterday but would like to donate, go in to B4B and register, it will then let you donate and it will got to our total!

Yesterday was Surge Elite Performance & Fitness’s 2nd Annual Barbells for Boobs/Amazing Grace.  I have to say that year two was an incredible jump from our first event. Although last year was great and I think we raised $1200, this year was awesome! Having the help of William Lee and the Cancer Care Center of Thornton was so incredible. I am pretty sure we are one of the few if not the only B4B that is blessed enough to hold our event at a Cancer Center. He is a rundown of the day!

We were blessed with tons of help Friday night to get all of the equipment from Surge to the Cancer center,  which was a huge help to not have to scramble to get that done Saturday morning. I know I was more than thankful considering I was home with Pistol who was not a happy camper after having 4 teeth removed…you might say I was just a little stressed Friday night. Saturday morning we had tons of people show up early to help set up which was awesome. Thank you to Lauren and Starbucks for donating coffee and all the fixin’ for our chilly morning. We were busy setting up bars, tables, donations, and food. We were right on track at 8:30 for Brandon to run the “Clean and Jerk Clinic” . Josh and Jamie we our “weight guys” and did a fantastic job making sure all the bars were set up for each athlete in all of the heats. I cannot thank you two enough!!  You took so much stress out of mine and Brandon’s life! Anna took the lead as the whiteboard master and in charge of all of the judges, again couldn’t have done it without you. My(Courtney) mom was running the check in counter and making sure everyone waas signed up and ready to go as well as getting them and selling them raffle tickets. Thanks mom, you are always a huge help !We started the day with a few thank you’s and some great words and life advice from our friend and breast cancer survivor Brigid Sanner. Brandon and I were were lucky enough to have the privilege to work with Brigid a few years back, and she is truly an inspiration. Thank you so much Brigid and Dean(her hubby) for spending the morning with us, and reminding us how precious life is, we wish we got to see you guys more!

Strongman Brian Shaw joined us from 8:30-9:30 along with some ESPN camera crews in tow. I tried to talk him into doing Grace but he said he had to train later in the day. He was an incredibly nice and soft spoken guy that was gracious enough to take pictures, sign autographs and let us all talk about how crazy big he is….cause I’m sure he never hears that. We were also lucky enough to have firetruck from Thornton come and join us and I know the kids were SO excited. We even talked Evan into doing Grace…against his will he ended up doing it RX and did awesome. We told him he had to do it for the photo op, lol.

Speaking of photos HUGE thanks to Amie, Scott, and Nikki for having their camera there and taking SOOOO many amazing pictures! Also huge thanks so to William for getting video of most of the heats!

The first heat started right no time…maybe even a little early, which is amazing! We ended up with 5 heats of adults and a final heat of kids, some doing clean and jerks and some doing burpees. Fun to end the day watching the future of CF. We then had TONS of prizes to give away. Thank you to all of our sponsors and all of our members that helped gather the donations. List to follow. After the goodies were given away we enjoyed some beer, pulled chicken and pork, some Paleo and a few non-Paleo food. Not to mention the fabulous ice cream cake from Higgys. It was a great chance for everyone to hang out, chat and get to know some of the Surge family that they don’t get to see everyday. I was to say thank you to everyone that works at the Cancer Center, thank you guys for your support and help, you are all amazing people.


  • Coors Brewing Company
  • Muscle Pharm
  • Trailridge Design- Custom quilts
  • Hooter’s
  • Hoke(beef)
  • Colorado Fitness Equipment
  • E Plus Foundation
  • Northen Colorado Hematology and Oncology
  • Designs by Me
  • Bing Energy
  • Maximized Living/Dr. Joseph Arvay
  • Sunflower Farmers Market
  • Starbucks
  • Lauren Davis/Custom Cards
  • Mary Kay/Sharon Facey
  • Valarie Barros Massage
  • Well Being Center/Cammy Polson
  • Dr. William Lee
  • Dr. Barry Gardner
  • Forest Oil
  • Noodles and Company
  • Higgy’s Ice Cream

Can’t wait to see how much we can raise next year!!! You are all truly amazing and we LOVE you!!!!!