The Gauntlet #2


The Gauntlet #2

CrossFit Surge – ENDURANCE


AEROB: Metcon (Time)


800m Run

4′ Row

Dynamic Stretches

Partner WOD (TIME):

100 V-Ups

100 Wall Balls

75 Calorie Bike

100 Burpees

100 Single-Unders

75 Lying to Standing

100 Mountain Climbers (single count)

100 Barbbell Push Press (light)

75 Walking Lunges

900m Run (both run) = once around the block and to the speed limit sign outside of Surge

*Both Partners work at the same time. Split the reps however you like and complete the exercises in any order

*Finish an exercise before moving on

6′ Cool Down


1 Minute Jog

1 Minute Walk


SWIM: Metcon (No Measure)

Finish as much as possible in 1 hour


500 broken up at TT + 15 pace, feel free to include some drills, ESPECIALLY those you’re uncomfortable with.


1 x 500 pull

60″ rest

1 x 500 paddles (if able)

60″ rest

1 x 500 paddles and pull

60″ rest

15′ steady AEROBIC swim pace

C/D if needed with some easy swimming and/or additional drill work