Saturday, September 28, 2019


Saturday, September 28, 2019

Surge Elite Performance & Fitness – CROSSFIT

Metcon (Time)

With a Partner Complete (25 minute cap)

Partner 800m Run



Push Jerk 115/75

Toe to Bar or Ring or Sit Ups

KB Swing 55/35


Metcon (Time)

With a Partner Complete For Time: (35 minute cap)


Calorie Row

Push Jerk 135/95

Toe to Bar/Chest to Bar Pull Ups

KB Swing 70/55

*For T2B/C2B Pull Ups alternate movement each round. Perfor T2B for Rds 60, 40, 20 and C2B for Rds 50, 30, 10


A) 3 Sets

Single Arm Bent Over Row x 6 each

Seated Banded Row x 12-15

Rest 90 seconds

B) 3 Sets

Wt Strict Pull Ups

Banded Straight Arm Pull Downs x 12-15

Rest 90 seconds

C) 3 Sets

1 minute Handstand Hold against band

100 ft Double KB Front Rack Carry

100 ft Plate Pinch Farmers Carry

Rest 90 Seconds

D) Accumulate 2 minutes of Each

L-Sit or Tuck hold on Paralletes

Iso Reverse hyper hold at top

Banded Triceps Push Down

Banded Biceps Curls