Saturday 130223


Saturday 130223

Warm up:

  • Mobility


3 Sets:

  • Low Bar Back Squat x 10 (Comp @ 78%)


A) In Teams of 3 Perform AMRAP in 5 Minutes

  • Shuttle Run (10 yrds out and back, 15 yrds out and back)
  • Burpee

*Score will be total number of Burpees performed as a team during AMRAP.  Partner A will begin with a shuttle run.  During that time partner b will perform as many burgees as they can while partner A is running.  Partner C will be resting.  Once partner A finishes the shuttle run, partner B will then run the shuttle run and partner C will begin perform burpees and then partner A will rest.  This process will continue for 5 minutes.

Rest 3 Minutes

B) Alt. Tabata (8 Rds 20 seconds on 10 Seconds off)

  • Split Squat Switch
  • Hang Power Snatch 75/55
  • Mobility