Row Your Boat


Row Your Boat

Surge Elite Performance & Fitness – ENDURANCE


ROW: Metcon (Distance)

Row Your Boat

12′ row, 3′ rest

9′ row, 2.5′ rest

6′ row, 2′ rest

3′ row, 1′ rest

90″ row, 30″ rest

45″ row, 15″ rest

30″ row, DONE!
1. Each row interval is its own separate event

2. Each interval is broken up into thirds – easy, moderate, and hard. For example, during the 12 minute row, the first 4 minutes will be done easy, the second 4 minutes will be done moderately, and the last 4 minutes will be done hard. 3. Pacing is reset after every interval.

4. Athletes will define their easy, moderate, and hard paces. The goal is for your easy to be EASY, and your hard to be HARD!

W/U: Warm-up (No Measure)

Sumo Squats

Lunge Reach

Single Leg RDL

Scapular Pushups

Cat/Cow (All fours, back flexion/extension)

Alternating Cross Extensions (alternating arm/leg-knee plank)