Monday Results!


Monday Results!

HUGE thanks to everyone that came out today! We had a awesome turnout, and lots of kids to cheer on their parents! The guys wet first, with 5 participating. Using Cindy with a run as a warm up was such a great way to get started! You guys rocked it! Here are the team results, we were only able to go 27 min in teams of two except for Brandon who had to do it all by himself!

  • Aaron and Jake :570 total reps
  • Chip and Shannon: 494 total reps( and Chip’s  first Functional Fitness workout ever!)
  • Brandon: 595 total reps

Then the girls went and crushed it! We lucked out and didn’t have to do Cindy as our warm-up! Court was very thankful for even numbers so she didn’t have to do it alone! The girls did have 30mintes to do the WOD

  • Karmen and Helena: 532 total reps (Also Helena’s first Functional Fitness WOD)
  • Julie and Jolene: 435 total reps (Julie first Functional Fitness WOD)
  •  Ms. E and Tiffany: 540 total  (First CrossF it workout for both!)
  • Susan and Courtney: 737 total reps

EVERYONE did AWESOME today, and kept working the whole time.  The WOD turned out to be harder than we thought…go figure a Functional Fitness workout that is deceptively hard!!!  Enjoy the rest of your Monday and we will see you all this week!

BIG CONGRATS to Karmen who after the WOD decided to master her kipping pull-up! You are a rockstar!

Thanks Justin for stopping by and cheering us on and hanging out. Can’t wait till you knee is better and you can join us!