Holy Buckets! New programs launching next week!


Holy Buckets! New programs launching next week!

Many of you know that we have brought on Mike to do Endurance training and mobility classes. We are also beyond excited to have Tricia Oxford join us as well. (I will do a separate post with all her awesomeness).  They are going to be offering some amazing classes for you all and for our community. Here is the list of classes that will be kicking off next week.  ( I know it is a lot, please ask us any questions you have)

As a Surge member you can add any of these classes onto your membership for $40 a month or a drop in fee of $8 per class.

Cost to non-Surge members varies by class. See us for more info.

Do you have friends that would LOVE Surge but maybe not Functional Fitness? Help us get the word out to them and receive 10% off your following month when you refer a friend to any of these programs or to Functional Fitness.

Surge Calender

Sorry that you have to open this in a new page. I couldn’t fit it all into one screen for a jpeg.

Here is the breakdown. (Tricia’s classes)

Surge Fit 

High intensity class involving fast-paced, total body workouts and a variety of layouts and exercises so you’ll never get bored and neither will your muscles!  Whether you like to start your day right before work or need that quick lunch-time fix, this class will boost your energy and lead to quick and efficient results for every participant!

M/W/F @ 7:00am

M-F @ 11-11:45 and @ 12-12:45

Obstacle Course Training

Training for your first, fifth or hundredth Spartan or Tough Mudder? Looking to PR overall or improve on a specific obstacle or the sprints between? This class is for YOU!  Offering a plethora of equipment and innovative program design, we will help you meet your goals in an exciting and engaging environment.  *This class may be held outside of the gym-location to be determined.

*Depending on the day and training focus, workouts may exceed an hour for your enjoyment.

T/T @ 5:00pm

Wedding bells and Barbells

Did he put a ring on it?! Join us and sweat away for your wedding day!  No worries, you do not need a ring to join-anyone who wants to look good for his / her significant other is invited.  In fact, we encourage you to bring him / her along!  This class involves partner exercises and movements that work specific parts of the body to have you not only glowing, but also chiseled in that dress / tux for your special day!

*Instructor’s own fiancé may make appearances to add to the fun !


T/T @ 7:00pm

Mike’s Classes:

Surge Endurance (Click to view)

Mobility- Classes

T/T 6:15 am

M/W @  5pm and 6 pm

F @ 5:30 & 6:45

Endurance Class  (at Surge but could also be swim WOD, Track WOD or bike ride)

M/W/F @ 12:00

T/T @ 7:00am

Mike will also be offering full on Triathlon-Team training! See attached. Who’s ready for an Ironman???

Surge Triathlon Team