Friday Essentials 120106


Friday Essentials 120106

Last day of tests


3 Round

  • Planks Hold
  • Superman
  • Hollow rockers

Gymnastic Skills

  • Handstand hold with back against wall for time
  • “L” sit on parallettes

WOD: CrossFit Total

Go through the movements

ONLY  3 attempts at each lift in the written order

  • Back squat
  • Strict Press
  • Dead Lift

Add total weight for score

If you missed Wednesdays class lets make it up as soon as we can.

It’s the start of the New Year and I want us all to make some goals and set some records.  I have a challenge for you.  If you are in, awesome, and  if your are not this time that’s cool too, but I encourage you to take this challenge.

Here it is. We are going to do the tests we did this week again in two month.  Over this time we will do some awesome CF moves that are functional, constantly varied at a high intensity.  We will be iincreasing our work capacity  and proficiency at these movements so that we are better at them by the end of the challenge. We will see our reps increase and our times decrease.  The goals is to increase work capacity across broad time range & modal domain.  We will determine the winner with the most improvement  and effort, and the winner will get a cool prize!  “Hint”  it all starts with a healthy meal plan, and keeping a LOG book!

Any questions please fell free to E-mail me [email protected]

Forrest Burke

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