Boxing and Kickboxing start THIS WEEK!


Boxing and Kickboxing start THIS WEEK!

Surge Boxing











This class will teach you how to throw punches with the correct form while burning hundreds of calories in the process. The class may involve heavy bag work, shadow boxing, high intensity interval training, plyometrics and intense core work. You will learn proper breathing technique that will be invaluable in all of your other athletic pursuits. Your reflexes will become sharper and your mind more focused.

Monday @ Noon

Tuesday @ 4 pm

Thursday @ 9 am

Sat @ 10:15


Learn how to properly and effectively strike with your hands, elbows, knees and legs. Kickboxing is one of the hardest sports and you will understand why once you take a class. You will use your whole body for offense and defense in this Muay Thai style based class. The cardiovascular component of kickboxing is incredibly challenging, but we will also incorporate some strength and core work. The explosive movements that you learn will assist in other exercises requiring a fast action.

Tuesday @ 9:00

Wednesday @ 12

Thursday @4 pm

Friday @ 12